Bismillah is the beginning of all that is good

An Addendum

to the Sixteenth Letter

In His Name!

And there is nothing but it glorifies Him with praise.(17:44)



Without  reason  the  worldly  became  suspicious  of  a  powerless  stranger  like myself, and imagining me to have the power of thousands, put me under numerous restrictions. They did not give permission for me to stay a night or two in Bedre, a district of Barla, or on one of the mountains of Barla. I heard that they say: “Said possesses the power of fifty thousand soldiers, so we can’t set him free.”

So I say: You unhappy people whose view is restricted to this world! How is it that you do not know the matters of the world, despite working for it with all your strength, and govern it like lunatics? If it is my person you fear,   one soldier even could do more than me, let alone fifty thousand. That is, he could be posted at the door of my room and tell me: “You can’t go out!”

But if it is my profession  and  my being  herald  of the Qur’an  and  the  moral strength of belief that you fear, then you are wrong; you should be aware that in that respect, I have the strength of fifty million soldiers, not fifty thousand! For through the strength of the All-Wise Qur’an, I challenge all Europe including your irreligious people. Through the lights of belief I have published I have razed the sturdy bastions they call the physical sciences and nature. I have cast down lower than animals their greatest  irreligious  philosophers.  If  all  Europe  were  to  gather,  of  which  your irreligious people are a part, through God’s assistance, they could not make me recant a single matter of that way of mine. God willing, they could not defeat me!

Since the matter is thus, I do not interfere in your world, so don’t you interfere in my hereafter! If you do, if it will be of no avail.


What is determined by God cannot be turned by force;

A flame that if lit by God, cannot be extinguished by puffing.

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