Bismillah is the beginning of all that is good

The Eleventh Letter

In His Name,

And there is nothing but it glorifies Him with praise.(17:44)



[This letter comprises a significant remedy and points out four small gems from the treasuries of four verses.]



My Dear Brother!

The All-Wise Qur’an taught my soul these four different matters at various times. I am writing them now so that those of my brothers who wish may also receive instruction or have a share of them. With regard to subject matter, each is a sample, a small jewel, from the treasuries of four different verses and their truths. The form of each of the four topics is different, and so are the benefits each yields.




Indeed the wiles of Satan are weak.(4:76)


O my soul which is in despair due to doubts and scruples! The association of ideas and the imaginings or suppositions that occur to one are a sort of involuntar y expression  or depiction.  If they arise  from good and luminosity,  the qualities and reality they possess are transposed to an extent to their forms and images – just like the sun’s light and heat are transposed to its reflection in a mirror. If such depictions are  of something  evil  and  dense,  their  qualities  and  requirements  cannot  pass  or spread  to  their  reflections.  For  example,  the  reflection  in  a  mirror  of  something unclean or corrupt is neither unclean nor corrupt. Nor can a snake’s image bite.

In consequence, to imagine unbelief is not unbelief, and to imagine abuse is not abuse. Particularly if it is involuntary or some notion or speculation occurs to one, then it is altogether harmless. Furthermore, according to the Sunni school, the people of truth, if the Shari‘a rules that a thing is bad or unclean, it is because it is prohibited by God.

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