Bismillah is the beginning of all that is good

A Short Addendum to the Word on Paradise

[On Hell]

As is proved in the Second and Eighth Words, belief bears the seed of a sort of Paradise, while unbelief conceals the seed of a sort of Hell. And just as unbelief is a seed of Hell, so Hell is one of its fruits. And just as unbelief is the reason for being sent to Hell, so it is the cause of Hell's existence and creation. For if an insignificant ruler of small dignity, small pride, and small majesty is told impudently by some unmannerly person: "You may not punish me and you cannot," if there is no prison in that place, the ruler will certainly have one built for him and will throw him into it. However, by denying Hell, the unbeliever is giving the lie to One of infinite dignity, pride, and glory, Who is sublimely and infinitely powerful, and is accusing Him of impotence, lying, and powerlessness; he is insulting His dignity and offending His pride terribly. He is rebelliously causing affront to His glory. If, to suppose the impossible, there was no reason for Hell's existence, it would certainly be created for unbelief, which comprises denial and ascribing impotence to this degree, and such an unbeliever would certainly be cast into it.

Our Sustainer! You did not create that in vain.

Glory be unto You! Save us from the penalty of the


13.Qur'an 3:191

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