Bismillah is the beginning of all that is good

■ second branch

This explains two mysteries which comprise the keys to many further mysteries.

first mystery: "Why do the saints differ greatly in their visions and illuminations although they are unanimous on the principles of belief? Why are their illuminations, which are at the degree of witnessing, sometimes opposed to reality and contrary to the truth? And why in their ideas which they consider to be the the truth, establishing them through decisive proofs, do thinkers and scholars see and show reality in a way that contradicts one another? Why does one truth take on numerous colours?"

second mystery: "Why did the early prophets leave some of the pillars of belief like bodily resurrection in brief form and not explain them in detail like the Qur'an, so that in the future some of their communities went as far as denying some of those concise pillars? Also, why did some of the saints only advance in the affirmation of Divine unity, and although they even progressed as far as the degree of 'absolute certainty' in Divine unity, some of the pillars of belief appear in their paths very little and in summary form? And as a result, those who followed them in the future did not give the necessary importance to the pillars of belief, and some of them even fell into error? Since true perfection is found through the unfolding of all the pillars of belief, why did some of the mystics advance significantly in them, while some remained very backward, whereas God's Most Noble Messenger (PBUH), who manifested all the Divine Names at their maximum degree and was the chief of the prophets, and the All-Wise Qur'an, which is the luminous chief of all the sacred scriptures, described in detail all the pillars of belief, clearly, and in a most serious manner and deliberate way?"

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