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The Collection Of
Risale-i Nur
Esmaiilahi From Risale-i Nur

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Epigram From The Risale-i Nur

Nature is a Divine art, it cannot be the artist. It is a dominical book, and cannot be the scribe. It is an embroidery, and cannot be the embroiderer. It is a register, and cannot be the accountant. It is a law, and cannot be the power. It is a pattern, and cannot be the source. It is a recipient and is passive, and cannot be the author. It is an order, and cannot the orderer. It is

a code of creation, and cannot be the establisher of the code.

The Flashes ( 442 )

The Moral Of A Story From Risale-i Nur
The Collection Of
Risale-i Nur
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