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Salat-ı Nariye Reading Program
There Is Unreaded 1975 Salatı Nariye On Reading Program
The reading amount:
To participate Salat-ı Nariye reading for "Allah rızası için Ümmeti Muhammed'in maddi manevi dertlerine şifa, maddi manevi rızklarına bereket niyetiyle okunması", please select the amount you want to read from the list above. Then, click the button. The amount, you have taken will be add to the window with "Reading Area of Salat-ı Nariye". If you want to get more, you should do the process again.
Reading Area of Salat-ı Nariye
User Name Hatim Count Date Taken Is Finished?
kayseri2338 15 02.03.2018
Zhenis 1925 01.03.2018
nurcu77 10 01.03.2018
hozancivan33 519 28.02.2018
The list of people taken Salat-ı Nariye reading is listed above. In the rigth column, the check sign is located the readed one and cross sign is for nor readed one.
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